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Pre-Built Systems (2020-06-27)

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I also own some computers that were made to order.


A Sony Vaio Z2 (VPC Z2 190X) that I purchased in August 2011. The laptop itself is ultraportable, but has a Light Peak port that connects to a dock with dedicated GPU and Blu-Ray drive. What I thought was a fantastic concept - being able to purchase upgraded Power Media Docks for better graphics - ended up not being a thing. But, it's a good machine that I'm still using.

Components (Standalone)
CPU: Intel Core i5 2540M (2.6GHz)
GPU: Intel HD3000 (1GB)
Audio: Realtek HD
LCD: 13.1" 1920x1080
OS: Windows 7 SP1 Professional
Components (Docked)
CPU: Intel Core i5 2540M (3.3GHz)
GPU: Radeon HD6650M (1.66GB)
Windows Experience Index: 5.9 (Desktop graphics bottleneck)
A: Sony 2x Speed FDD (USB)
B: WD Elements 1TB HDD (USB)
C: 128GB (64GBx2 RAID0) SSD
D: BD-ROM Drive (Power Media Dock)
E: PC5014 (Network Drive)
F: Sandisk MobileMate MS+ (USB Full-size Memory Stick reader)
G: SDHC/MSPD Card Slot


A few years ago, I started getting into the Apple side of technology, and decided to pick up a PowerPC G3/600 iBook to dual-boot OS X and OS 9 on. The seller decided to send me a G4 that can only run Tiger. But, y'know, whatever; won't complain about more RAM and an AirPort Extreme card.

iBook G4 A1054 (Late 2004)
CPU: PowerPC G4 (1.2GHz)
RAM: 512MB
LCD: 12" 1024x768
USB LS-120 SuperDisk (Shared via KVM)
OS: Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.11)

When I got the laptop, the magnetic latch was a bit bent out of shape. I tried to bend it back but ended up breaking it off. Turning it on, OS X had been factory restored, and had no web browser, so I had to open a terminal window and download an old version of Opera (before was purged). Then, I was able to download some files to get Classic emulation working.

Future Acquisitions

As stated on my Tech Wishlist, I'd like to also have some sort of Tandy for 1980s DOS computering, a Color Classic (or equivalent) for early-90s Maccing and Apple II games, and a few others for the ace thetics.

When it comes to modern computers, I'd prefer to try building my own.