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Beige Whales (2021-03-25)

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As I've only been sourcing secondhand items from the Amazon Marketplace, certain things have been difficult to track down. Here are a few items I think are cool as fuck, but would actually have little practical use for. (H/T Cathode Ray Dude for the nickname.)


Tandy 1000 TX (286 desktop)
While the Pentium-equipped PC5094 can handle anything I throw at it, it'd be super cool and Aesthetic(tm) to have a genuine '80s computer for older DOS programs.
Toshiba Libretto 110CT (ultracompact Pentium laptop)
Go watch one video about these things and tell me it's not the coolest shit you've ever heard of.
Unisys CWD-4002 (compact 486 desktop)
Another cool little item is this DOS PC smaller than a pizza box.


3Dfx Voodoo (PCI GPU)
3D accelerator which would be useful for more demanding mid-90s games.
Gravis UltraSound (ISA APU)
The ultimate sound card for DOS gaming.

IBM Incompatibles

Commodore Plus/4
A more obscure system that the homebrew scene is doing interesting things with. But, I'm more likely to grab a Turbo Chameleon instead of genuine hardware.
Macintosh Color Classic (with Apple IIe card)
These are nice little compact systems.


Acer KB-101A (mechanical keyboard)
Buckling springs may be nice, but blue ALPS is in a league of its own.
MadCatz Panther XL
Badass trackball plus joystick controller that looks like it'd be a great way to play some classic games.
Roland SC-55mkII (MIDI interpreter)
One of the gold standards for DOS game music, but there's no way in hell I'm gonna drop $125+ on one, be it hardware or VST.
Samsung Odyssey+ (VR headset)
I'd always look at it and think about how I could've bought one for $250 new during Black Friday 2019 (as opposed to $500+ used now).


Vectrex (console)
I'd love to have one, but they've long passed the 'more expensive than a mid-range GPU' threshold.
Retro Electronik Supergun (interface)
These JAMMA adapters to play genuine arcade hardware at home would be an interesting way to start a collection.
PC Engine (and Super SD System 3)
This is a console I never got into, but wouldn't mind doing so.
Atari Lynx Model 2
Funky chunky handheld.
Arcade1Up Cabinets
It would be pretty badass to walk up and play on a physical machine. Unfortunately, I already own Namco and Midway arcade compilations for the PS2, so I can't justify these.
Retrode 2 (ROM dumper)
Cool idea, but as I already have a full collection of DMCA-exempt ROMs, there'd be no point in having one, except to preserve save files.

A/V Equipment

Sony TC-KA1ES (tape deck)
"They don't make 'em like they used to" certainly applies to cassette players. I currently have a handheld unit in my hifi setup, and wouldn't mind upgrading to some proper equipment.
Pioneer DVL-700 (laserdisc player)
LaserDisc is an interesting format, but I couldn't justify getting into it just to watch the Star Wars trilogy.

Handheld Devices

Panasonic PV-SD5000 (digital camera)
This is the enhanced model of the 4090, a SuperDisk camera that I do have. The extra 2MP would be a nice upgrade.
Sidekick 3 (mobile phone)
These were #goals back in the day.
Chiappa Rhino 40DS (.357 revolver)
Futuristic-looking little gun.
Paragon Warlock (knife)
Spotted one of these in a video about knives you only hand to knife guys, went 👀, then saw the price tag of $300.

Other Stuff

AeroGarden (hydroponic plantbed)
There's something alluring about growing your own herbs and peppers, but that's spending $100 to save 70¢.
Hide & Drink Pouch
I barely even go outside to get groceries, why the fuck do I want one of these.

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