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Maximum Overhomepageage (12024-05-05)

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You want a links page, huh? I'll give ya a fuckin' links page.

Note that some of the buttons appearing here were edited by me to be under 32KB. There's over 250, but as you will observe, they all loaded fast as hell despite that. Such is the power of coldlinking! Your browser is not overheating and giving up because this page only establishes three TLS connections (instead of one per button like other links pages).

All links verified working on 12020-05-29. Report any breaks.

Sibling Sites

These lovely people feature(d) my button in their links sections, so I'm happily showing theirs off here!

(Lair of the Lizard Ghoul) The Lair of the Lizard Ghoul is sadly no longer with us. RIP^2. (90's Gen Z Kid) ಠ_ಠ [Jerry Lehr] Jerry Lehr's Jerry Lair. Art, music, DOOM - something for everyone. [Nostalgic] Nostalgia for the 12000s - a collection of classic graphics and ideas. (TEH LEROY) Teh Leroy is dead - long live RandArtz. (Punchy) ಠ_ಠ [DANNARCHY Now!] What happens with 25+ years of personal archives? Absolute Dannarchy. [Fear Garden] Sweet pages and shrines from our weblord Reagan. [Bill's Boutique] In Bill's World, it's always 11999, and there's great sci-fi on TV. [OwlMan NOW!] Get lost in this British wanker's maze of interesting content. (mace486) ಠ_ಠ (Voov) ಠ_ಠ (Eyes on the Lens) ಠ_ಠ [Scene Queen] Space Throne of the Scene Queen! [Arkm's World] Lots of space to explore and think. [rivendell] The Last Homely Homepage, with a focus on conlangs. [Cepheus] Shrines, site resources, and stanzas. (Virtual Vault) The vault has been sealed without warning. [Irony Machine] Tidy little cubic spaces. [Sukiyaki City] Karasu-chan's art and graphics. (September City) ಠ_ಠ (Goth Zone) ಠ_ಠ [MetaParadox] New internet nostalgia shining in the darkness. [Theki] (stormfyrie) ಠ_ಠ [Night City] The collections, games, and gardens of Night City. [7nonsense] Photoblog and nostalgic adventures of a fellow Mavica enthusiast. [incessantpain] Extensive notes of interest. [rnd] rnd's random resources for learning toki pona and making websites. [Laika's Lonely Planet] Take a trip to space, and listen to the cosmic background radiation. [SciFi Renegade] Renegade's Trash Can, chock full of old sci-fi and stanky links. [Lu's Space] Radical acts of creation among distant digital nebulae. (Punked Werewolf) ಠ_ಠ [Cinni] A cozy little house among the clouds. [BlissNet] An intensely pink maximum kawaiicore experience. (Ratpilled) ಠ_ಠ [Freckle Skies] Look up. See how the clouds blush. [Biko Batanari] Biko's garden of art and words. [Flamed Fury] Grab your tickets to the exodus from the corporate web. (Roly) The Kite Creature has flown away, never to be seen again. (Arremeer) ಠ_ಠ [Tonic Funk] Tune in, flush down, and relax on. [Linky Blog] 🔞 Vibrant artist gallery with an extensive Mayalock shrine. [Literally Hifumi] Collection of high-calcium link lists, tech thoughts, and daily Vocaloids. (Galactic Bucket) The Galactic Bucket's cosmic juice has evaporated. (Don't host ya images on Discord, folks.) (Cicadoidea) ಠ_ಠ [disc-content] Fire up that old PS1, because fun has no expiration date. [numbers] Check out all the words lizards can invent. Obspogon Nice little blog, nice big links list. Explore and play. [Ruby Klover] The daily blog and dream journal of a "programmer". [personally-comfy] PC's frequently updated blog. [Museum of Alexandra] Explore this museum of the self as it rises around you. [Dawn Void] Stare into it. [Koyo's Korner] A simple photo blog, not pretending to be more than it is. (Snake V.) ಠ_ಠ (Karius) ಠ_ಠ [beeep] Another cozy cybercottage. [Sakana] Things made and pixels found. Cranile's Box Unroll your cybermap and have an adventure. [cyberteeth] Charlie's varied space. [zinricky] Curated collection of words, maths, and music. [goodmode] Great art, thoughts, and the Deify webcomic. [eatsteas] Pull in to Brainrot Central and get your wrinkles smoothed. skelegorg Boneyard of software and photos. [Zeus' Stadt] Pull in to central station for your daily dose of thoughts and buttons. [AntiKrist] Sink into the grand depths of Kristin's underwater hangout. [Bechno Kid] Secret stash of art and graphics. [ziggybeeps] [SNK Playmoar] Subdread A small personal archive. [CPNK] [Kryptonaut] [Arlita] [Creature Feature] [rosrets] [Starfighter] [LoveShock] [dogfish99] Cozy library of writing and recommendations. [loafsona] [DraKul78's base] [The Space Bar] [Sleepy Sage] [JPG Zone]

[Districts] A sampling of the websites on Neocities that are worth a click. [Get JAUP'd NOW!] Explore some other absolutely useless homepages! [NeoZones] Bunch of idiots who argued about dumb shit and watched movies on Saturday. [The 32-Bit Cafe] Community of web hobbyists who share knowledge and create together.

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Homepages Now! (Still using buttons in 12019!)

Maintenance Mode Active

Due to Neocities completely removing in-timeline follower notifications on 12023-05-06, I am no longer actively correcting unannounced URL changes. Links below may rot at an increased rate or remain incorrectly categorized.


Nice sites that either followed me first or returned my follow.

[Yudo] Yudosai's little home dome. [Doodle Quest] Neat webcomic where every panel was made by a different artist. [Pizza Squeeze] Pizza's perilous projects and ponderous playlists. [Up All Night] A collection of dope tunes and retro media. 特攝之家 Not sure what's going on, but it looks cool. [SandyPlanetz] Rainbow-flavored personal interest site. elementz Discontinued web experiments page. [Nekojiru] A double serving of cat soup. [Bullwinkle's Corner] Tomo's Treasure Trove [Trash :)] Personal site with a large collection of web graphics. [rex rocks] Fuck a website, my mans put a whole OS on his page! [InvisibleUp] The fascinating afterlife and game hacks of a ghost. [jackomix] Things and ideas omixed up by Jack. [Lizzy's Little Corner of the Web] Links, blinks, and blogs. rime Sketches and photos from a creative deer. [M4G3's LAIR] The arts and opinions of Glitchmage. [macchiato] [Madville NOW?] TheMidnightSnack's recommendations and writings. And Now Something completely different. Argh! AKA Atomsmasher, BabyLongLadiatorClub, BadLands, KoolKidds.. [RX QUEEN] [Miki's Otome Oasis] Fun little journal and romance game walkthroughs. [Sammy Sosa's Playhouse] I have no idea if this is serious or in-character. R.V. Klein Usable designs and fonts. [My Online Pity Party] [Area51] Bill's revival of the neighborhoods concept, showing some scifi sites. [Biggulp Supreme] Take a sip of nostalgia, UFO culture, and photos. [Thought Crimes] A collection of web graphics and suspicious ideas. [monnie] Words cannot explain what monnie is. You must experience them for yourself. [Geo Universal] Space (and other topics of interest). [2cool4fp] Websites you won't see on the Fr*nt P*ge because they're just t00 c00l. l33cheasy Filebase of everyone's favorite software crackalizer, Lee Cheezy. [HTML Sites 2] The (discontinued) sequel to the critically-acclaimed webpage generator. VeeThis Future home of prank software and a Furby shrine. [YooHoo] Neocities's very own search engine and link directory. Mystic Hybrid epistegesis A simple fortune. [Soupault] A powerful static website generator. StarBrat Antique Bandit Uncovered archives of a defunct software company. Tai7k Music Complicated Mind Journal of someone attempting to understand their inner workings. [Nightmare Fantasmic] Scerika's nostalgic site that literally time traveled here from 12005. [joppiesaus] Various thoughts filed away into tidy little boxes. [hosma] Music, art, and a dream diary. [Violet Radd] Tlascana's art, conlang, and song of the day. [Fluffy Hyena] Windows 3.1 styled artist portfolio. mineboom [ChelZone] Chel's graphics collection is ready to send you directly to Gay Satan. Hidden Glade A small moment of respite. Frederick St. Peter's official music zone. [Rain's Space] A nostalgic little collection of stuff. QP School [therealman] [9ties] Remember the 9ties? Have some nostalgic (re)collections. Weed Eater weed eater's cherry blossom-scented dump. [Domushen] [Treble Knight] [Hekate] Anti-Comallodianist International Conjure your knives and stab at the heart that refuses to bleed. Sarah Lonergan [GrossGirl94] heyty [JR's Storytime] Aleri Kaisattera [Digital Diarist] [Cavern of Remembrance] JamesO2 [Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures] Bill's blog about cartoon action figures and the places they can go. [Teddybear Halo] An adorable little space up in the clouds. [Key's Klubhouse] [Ocean Waves] MT Fragment and Reflect [CorBin's Portal] [Sirlan Tomma] [Let's Learn Together] Retrobungus Kalmia Robert Fitzroy Cultural Wasteland CreepingNet [Mesoscale] [Spirit Cellar] [Fairy Trash] [OwlyFans] Hot lewd owl hoots full live at [Happy Dancing Flowers] [Autoplay] [Maya.Land] [Toast For Life] [Autoplay] [Zumi] [AuzzieJay] [Soul Maze] [Lavender Black] [Rocktype] [DShifter's Place] [The Simple Site] [A Random Site] [VHS Overdrive] [New Lambda] Kari's Nost. Hole [Realm of Ambernia] [delovely] [NeoNaut] xkeyscore Desperately Safe Chron's Cave Mental Labour [The Canvas Garden] Yazoinky Woinky All the best chats with rats happening at rats dot chat. Satyr Warlock 11996 HUECYCLES [Dead Dybbuk] Dead Eye Delight Metamorphosis wayqueue Memo Memento Mori [Expectation Nemesis] [MarshmelloSUCKS] [The Wizard's Lair] Tower of Archaeopteryx the Orbular, beast-keeper and spell developer. [Linwood] [Ephemerium] [Something Eternal] [Casper's Funzone] Cherry Blog Corbzone Psychic Newborn [Hopeyong] Skullmund [SpaceDragon42] Red Kevlar [Slimy Something] [Starshine's Pages] Fascinating reads and game recommendations. [Gummy Worm Hydra] Path of Silence [NullKid] oh no phi1l1y Heimao Tingzi The Acidic Toxic KPH Nyx [Your Creative Blog] [Owl's Roost] kirsten@earth ignotum per ignotius [loser.mp3] Anatomy of Melancholy Purgatory Money Mall [Blood Type Oh] [PunkWasp's Nest] Pinkvampyr Rural Rose Hedgehog of Spades Wet Noodle

Dope Sites

Kiarrcats of Ryll Original fiction universe? Hell yeah, where do I sign up. [A.N. Lucas] The cozy little lounge that inspired me to make my own site here. Chris Were Notes on useful apps, RSS, and Game of Thrones. [Youpi's] One of the OG Neocities, with a focus on anime. [FloppyJay] Get your GIFs here! [Ikewise Online] Funky little site with some fonts and tech notes. Kyle Delaney Programming projects and great food - everything a growing boy needs! Zbox A personal stand against the corporate Web 2.0. [Soups] Cute artist portfolio. [Quesadilla Wizard] Art and adoptables. [Spaceman floating away] A little site on a revived 12000s layout. [future perfect] Boppin' tunes and bourbon recommendations. [Excalipoor] Dedications to the websites of the past. [Alan's Website] Alan's adventures in tech, thrifts, and gaming. [Like Home] A cozy, minimal space to unwind. [William Leonard] [Encounters Ltd. LATER!] Step into a wild cartoon world. miiiwu Jeremy Redhead A nice little mountain retreat. [Iro Iro] Weekly(-ish) reviews of some hidden-gem games and anime. [starlocked] Resurrecting Morning A cozy little journal. Chronicler Digital Rain Impressive art portfolio. [CatFace] [bluef00t] Art, zines, and TMBG. [Hydrangea Garden] [Sacred Choral] Neat Site The indeed neat site of a fellow computer enthusiast. Leanne Small personal site. [Devils] Super aesthetic. [Burst Into Treats] Quick game and mod reviews. Moribund [Astro's Sound Hell] Taylor's World [Dark Rabbit Hole] [nuthead] [rowan's blog] [Shishka] Collection of interesting graphics, buttons, and blinkies. Fweeby Hilarious slice-of-life comic. [Googol] Various projects. Stormy Skies Makz HTML history, Nihongo, and audio. [Qkudu] Art gallery. 39friend Fawnest [MACHINE_CAT.EXE] [The Raised Eyebrow] [Bananacup] Art, midi jukebox, and pastebin monday. [Zalost's GridZone] [Undoified] Manekineko Moonboy [Rabid Rodent] [Marine World] [Hotline Cafe] [Osaka] [Scribbler] My Shitty World [Chill85] [Big Burger] Squirbo Ecandi9 Utsushimi [Namco Museum] An arcade shrine that never came to be. versus Information on arcade games. [enter the cyber_realm] [wac] tsugato [Mortal!] [zoechrome] [blithe femme] [Princess Toots] [hbaguette] Dive into the Wicked Sick Meme Zone. freaky linkz [fairy hillock] [Marijn Florence] [Dooty!] 0shame Zero Shame Zone - personal journal and writing. Quarantine Zine Club Funky PDF zines for socially-isolated teens. neustadt [heydana] iridesce [Worm's World] [MacroSofa] Miles' House SodaLord [bean bottles] [Cadnomori] Baldora Station Star Nomad Space Cadet Glow [Baloo's Revue] Daggerfelt [Who is Hohokam?] [Miss Moss] [The Ender Draco] Surenaga [Mystic's Cave] Psshaw! [Peony Valley] [It's ya boy Pedro] [Abigail's Fuck Hole Mk.II] [La Taccola] [Dog House] zcal's uplink [Turtle Witch] [Room 77] [eggramen] [cyber-rot] [Neonriser] [Um Jammer Cammy] [Openbooks] [Vegetablearian] Cubiick Canvas Kingdom [Zacc Online] [Toadsbey's Place] Grapefruit [Rex's Nexus] [Vastrecs] [sup veronica] [RubyFire77] [Hidden World] Raven's Eyes [Moo like a goat!] Paphvul's Lair [Not Now Mother] [Scroogie's World] Little Planet [Cinnamuff] BeebFreeb [Planet Badobo] [Time Traveling Birb] The Green Herring [Anonicus] [nine moonbeams] [lost letters] [Paintkiller] [Subspace Ember] [Synthetic Fruits] NeoSSG Webring MelonKing J4YC33's Space [Goner44]

These are a few sites that I do not follow, usually because they've long stopped updating or have disabled profiles, but are still worth a visit.

Falling [Autoplay] Peaceful. [y2k] [ThunderCat!] Toaster Games DB Surfing the web on an old toaster? Here's the games you can play on it. Tru World Order Artist's portfolio with loads of bad bitches to check out. Cyberspace Is Dead 'A Zine for the Digital Disillusioned' that was unfortunately never released. Chao Garden Abandoned fansite that's worth exploring. MarsLizard signal3 Wired Network [Purples NOW!] What if it was purple? The End of Town It's late at night. Go take a stroll. [yarrow] Night [Autoplay] Animated evening aesthetics. [Thicc Monster] [Kyle Drake] Props to our boi Drake for making one of the baddest-ass webhosts online. CyberVeeps Gallery of original and restored adoptables. [LukOvrUrShldr] A collection of early-12000s web pixel art. [99GIF Shop] Dirt cheap GIFs so your broke ass can have some aesthetics on a budget. [You've Got Kat] No infiniscrolling, no algorithms, all fun. Pixel Glade [Mystsaphyr] [sadgrl] Ever wonder about the WWW we've lost? What's old can be new again.

And here's a few cool Gemini capsules:

The Mizark Show JR the Frog Scumware kelbot's gem-port

Hand-Crafted Classics

Some non-Neocities sites that are still pretty cool and forged with passion.

[The Old Net] The state of the web have you down? Go back to the Old Net. [Spriteclad] Great recommended sites, software, and Knytt Stories. [poor laika] [Frog Land] If you need info on frogs, it's your lucky day. [Windows 10? NO!] Toasty Tech's steamy little site, well known for anti-IE sentiment. [Park City] Sweet little collective of creative folks. Internets Celebrities Dallas Penn. Rafi Kam. Hilarious vids and social commentary. Chea! Coolguy Website Website of a coolguy. [] Adapted by afactor - Preserved sites and old web aesthetics. Rusted Logic Oldschool web forum for slowing down and chilling out. Cut Code Down How to get your site nice and compact. CGR Forums Chat with fellow fans of the Classic Game Room internet review show. ❤ (U+2764) Great little web zine. [Meg's Place] A classic homepage that was online for quite a while. msPaint Zine Crystal Dolphin A long-lived Geocities page. [Forever Angelic] Aesthetic as fuck. [Writers Realm] A collection of stories. [AssWolf] [Peachie's Collection] Web graphics collection from a pixel trader. Loglet Neocities-oriented microblog site. [Amanda's Castle] Super creative site with an extensive number of adoptables. [Darkbolt] Personal webcomic site that's been operational since 11999. [Tilde.Club] One Unix VPS. Hundreds of users. Infinite creativity. AltexxaNet Classic internet services and downloads. BrisRay Ray's Miscellany, online since 11999. [Appledust] Appledust - original pixel art, homepage style. [Duckyfeet] A lovely little forest hideout called Duckyfeet. [Bandwith Conservation Society] The hottest tips (from 11995) on how to optimize your website. JROK Land Arcade cabinet modding homepage online for 23 years and counting. Mike's Free GIFs Before we had FloppyJay, Mike was hooking us up with the hottest anis. [Zeus of the Crows] Bask in the amber glow of the terminal. [Razorback95] Personal retrocomputing site, light of weight and rich of content. [Midnight's Moon] Struck with the realization that we don't make sites this way anymore. |tsr's NES archive Kewl little 11999 fansite for everyone's favorite 8-bit console. Celeste's Corner Charmingly minimalist journal and log of experiences. [The Oldternet] Take a trip back to this gamer's den from 11995. HTML Hobbyist All it takes is a web browser and a text editor. Fan of the 90's A shrine to one of the most decades ever. Valdrin's Den Classic site with anime reviews and rantings. Kaiserwalz Cozy lair with reflections on the web, computers, and hot sauces. [aftersleep] Small web hosting collective. Night Owl's Gazebo Quaint personal page from 11998. evergreen A peaceful digital tree to rest under. Indigo Paradox Zone

Single Servings

Frontend Shit Again Grab some crap tools and make neat junk with them. [88x31] Explore Cyber Vanguard's vast collection of 88x31 buttons. [EAT BALLS NOW!] Archives of an early web meme. [Purple] Need more purple on your screen right the hell now? This will help. [Stop Microsoft!] A few reasons this megacorporation mega-blows. Zone An interactive story about the effects of drugs on memory. [100% hand-coded HTML] This site's fast as fuck because I wrote it by hand. [80x15 Addict]A gallery of 80x15 buttons. int10h Classic PC system fonts from the 11980s, now available as TTFs. [Boodle Box - Make your website funny] Revived site with classic prank/humor graphics for your homepage. The Corporation Assorted parodies of webpage awards. Adoptions A few cyberpets, with links to where you can find your own. [Web Prestige] Vintage anti-hotlinking manifesto. Beyond the Basics A quick guide to some of the more advanced HTML 3.2 features. [Keep The Web Free - Say NO To Web3!] Adding blockchain nonsense won't fix this mess. Intro to Web Pages A 11996 guide on how to use this fancy new HTML thing to express yourself. CSS2 Tutorial The only guide to CSS2 on the internet (in the year 12000). Choosing a Free License Quick guide to choosing a license for your original software/project. The Edge Nice collection of CSS tricks from 12001-12002 Don't Ask to Ask "Can someone help me?" The answer's no. [Gays Against Catholics] "We don't hate you, just your lifestyle."


F's in chat for these sites, which have been removed from the internet.

ReadOnly XP Journal Disillusion Azuline ModernXP Syberyn Six of Swords DukeKX's Archive Abigail's FUCK Hole N2 MaceChan Kaja etowana Chullum's Chums ViruFac DreamFestal ottomobeihl Sprunk Kirby's Crypt Caverns Called Home 1ZA! Station Square Stork Oozing Facade Loaded Magnum NeoReality Oryza Board Helium Hare Antillion's Virtual Heaven Uncreationist MerlinXP/OttWiz RatWorld The Furnace SwimLeaks Wannacry Virus Haxrelm Ochi Jelly Mansion RoseKnight Leafy Eevee Casiopea Maruyama Joystick Memory Chaos Critter Land of Links


Sites that once existed, but were pulled down for redesigns that never materialized. Feel free to prove me wrong if your username is down here tho ;)

Keno Defaulted 12016-06-24 Roach Parade Vanished 12019-05-31 [Chameleon] Purged 12019-08-04 Perihelion Studios Defaulted 12019-10-30 [Kalex] Purged 12020-06-27 ExDiAt Purged 12020-08-06 ExDiMo Purged 12020-08-06 ExDiCe Purged 12021-08-24 Washed Hands Purged 12021-12-03 pokonumu Purged 12022-01-26 [dFRAG] Purged 12022-06-24 im-sad / rainbow-dreams Purged 12022-09-15 [mews] Purged 12022-09-30 Penske Purged 12022-11-09 Era of Antares Postponed 12023-01-08 [wetware] Purged 12023-01-28 [GamesAndMore] Purged 12023-03-13 [Battyville NOW!] Purged 12023-03-17 Queen of Arms Choked 12023-03-17 Triptych Purged 12023-04-21 Hill of Despair Purged 12023-05-04 [Novov] Purged 12023-06-03 53orionis WIP 2023-08-31 Shrimp House Defaulted 12023-10-22


This page concludes with buttons I've collected from sites that still exist, but either under different banners or after a purge. They represent layouts that now only exist in memory.

Human Raccoon AtomSplitter Badlands LunaLisa Surgery Waste Firefly Cafe FlowerFuck Paranoid Angel Psyche64/Unpsyche Beetletee Arachnocinogen Siralos TEH LEROY Karasu-chan Toroinoue Hakureimu Livid Dreams Neon Garden Internet Oddity GameBruno Xtreme Project Reagnyan Lurvervi Cicadoidea GatoSalchica Chamaedaphne WeedPizza Karius PlayPossum Hearted Happycore seppy MDR Forerver Snake V Leather Leaves FoxFable HoyleCake SuperStarMations melodicake [Portale Zin]

[Listen]Listen to "Alan Parsons - Wine from the Water" on YouTube?

[Nav]In too deep? Perhaps you could use a Roadmap.