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Knock These Off (12015-12-12)

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"HTML: So easy even idiots can screw it up." Hexar, The Daily WTF

To see bad design in action, as well as learn about what not to do (or, perhaps, what to stop doing), check out Web Pages That Suck by Vincent Flanders, especially the checklists and Biggest Mistakes pages: Web Pages That Suck

Anyway, please knock the following things the hell off:

Backgrounds whiter than my ass.
I'm reading an LCD, not a sheet of A4. There are literally sixteen million other colors available to you, and yet you still chose Fluorescent White? Quit trying to sear my optic nerve.
Blank Articles and Enable Features Redirects.
Why do I need JavaScript (or cookies on dumber websites) enabled so that I may partake in the privilege of reading some damn text? Is serving up formatted text not the bleeding purpose of HyperText Markup Language?! There is no reason for this on a website that has dynamic hosting.
Account Creation on Checkout.
I already have more than thirty accounts across a bunch of other, less specific websites. I probably just want one item you have and nothing else. Be like pizza; don't make me waste a unique password on what may very well be a one-time purchase.
Ignoring Meta Keys.
Some of us choose to use trackball mice, some of which are not equipped with scroll wheels, thus rendering the middle click impossible. So, when I hold down Control and click on something, I'm expecting it to open in a new tab, not the same one. I don't want to always right-click on things, especially if your website is dumb like YouTube and treats that as a left-click regardless.
Autoplaying Music or Videos.
Especially if they're hidden. Your taste is not better than what I'm already watching or listening to. Throwing up something that just starts going without me having to click play is fucking rude.
Download Chrome Extension for Opera Disable HTML5 Autoplay
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