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Deep Dive (2020-06-29)

The Deep Dive

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Welcome to the waters of the Brook, where my writing flows. I hope that you will find my opinions refreshing, or at least, entertaining.

Under Construction
Pages currently being converted and updated.

(swimming turtle)

Deeper Waters

A few topics that stretch deeper than the one-off articles below.

#DWB does GPT
My experiences making side cash with surveys, ad videos, and phone apps.
Cameras and Pictures
Digital photographs taken with older Cyber-shot cameras.
Dream Diary
The crazy stuff that goes on in my unconscious mind.

Lamentation Exiting Aggravated Pedants

The obligatory personal rant section, wherein I'll verbally flatulate about not understanding why people insist on trying my patience by being different from me.

Thoughts on Web Design

A few ideas on how to make the modern surfing experience more pleasant.

[Cool Pets from Cybersurf Paradise]