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Soap Bar Review (12023-06-16)

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During 12020, I stopped buying used games and cameras Just In Case. To fill the void, I decided it might be worthwhile to analyze some bar soaps.

This particular interest forming was a combination of three factors: a desire to reduce costs wherever possible, my cousin bringing home a bar of Irish Spring (thereby reminding me that such things are still actively being manufactured), and finding the BarSoap Guy's review channel.

This is a subjective list, results may vary, yada yada. Not included are bars I used exclusively as hand soap (Palmolive, Dial gold, and Lava).

Lever 2000 (Made in Mexico)
$4.00/8pk = $0.0588/wash
Apparently the more angular American-made formula was quite good and had a loyal following. Unfortunately, only the newer Mexico version is available to me. Have nothing good or bad to say - it works.
Irish Spring Original
$10.40/20pk = $0.0650/wash
A classic and powerful scent that some people won't be able to stand because it'll be an instant reminder of their Struggle Years. I quite like it, though.
$4.32/8pk = $0.0720/wash
OTOH this is the one that reminded me of bathroom floor cleaner.
$4.80/10pk = $0.0738/wash
Light, basic, pure. Faint notes of facial cream. Sometimes simpler is better? But perhaps because this doesn't have other crap mixed in, it lasted for fewer showers than most of the others on this list. That's despite me taking a commenter's advice and opening it days before use to negate the effects of the bar being wrapped while wet.
$4.40/8pk = $0.0786/wash
Seems to have removed any antibacterial ingredients it once had while keeping the same branding. Inoffensive.
$4.32/6pk = $0.0900/wash
Beefy 4.25oz size. Smells like clay/Play-Doh. Pleasant to use.
Caress DailySilk
$4.68/6pk = $0.1300/wash
Decent 3.75oz beauty bars.
Dove white
$8.48/8pk = $0.1325/wash
Maybe my skin doesn't notice/care about being the moisturized, but idk this didn't seem like the luxury others hyped it up to be.
Yardley of London Oatmeal & Almond
$2.26/2pk = $0.1614/wash
My personal favorite out of all these. Good scent and texture.
Olay UltraMoist
$1.00/3.15oz = $0.1667/wash
Commenters enjoyed how readily this one lathers up. Felt a bit overgreasy to me but maybe that's what ya need sometimes. Just be sure to grab the 6-pack instead as it has the full-size 4oz bars.
Coast Pacific Force
$16.16/16pk = $0.1683/wash
Took one whiff of these and was transported to 1997 for three seconds. Because of that powerful nostalgia it's an easy second favorite.
Dial White Tea glycerin
$5.76/3pk = $0.3491/wash
Another 'meh' bar I have no strong opinions about. Probably should've went with the Power Berries variety instead for a bit more excitement. Wore down faster than most of the other (non-castile) bars.
Kirk's Gentle Castile original fresh scent
$4.29/3pk = $0.3575/wash
Unique wide shape, but as a consequence lasted for only half as many showers as the other bars.
Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Hemp Peppermint
$4.19/5oz = $0.4557/wash
If you need something to wake your ass up in the morning, the peppermint scent will do it. But it made my junk in particular feel tingly and then hot-cold for a few minutes.
Simple Truth Castile Honey & Almond
$2.50/4.5oz = $0.6250/wash
Scent reminds me of hotel shampoos. Nice, but wore down twice as fast as the other bars.

And, that's all the brands of bar soap that are either carried by my local grocery store or cheap on Amazon.

Other Recommendations

Body wash: Axe Snake Peel
Very viscous, with a powerful citrus scent and nice exfoliation.
Shampoo: Nizoral A-D
Dandruff shampoo that actually fucking works, and keeps me flake-free for 2-3 days after use.
Conditioner: ogx hydrating+ teatree mint
Dunno if this stuff actually helps with hair health/loss prevention, but it doesn't seem to be hurting anything.

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