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Top Ten Inside Jokes (12020-06-08)

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My mom's nickname for drive-thru fast food.
A fart so forceful and loud, that upon expelling it one is confused about whether they have just shotgun-blasted crap into their pants.
Big Potatoes
My biology teacher's name for any person/item of mass importance or interest.
Intellivision Approach
Enforced minimalism in design, named after my Gen.2 console of choice. The relatively low-powered hardware means the graphics and sound can't get too fancy, thus more time spent on refining the gameplay/experience (I assume).
"I have played, and beaten, every single indie game out there. Twice. Twice, and let me tell you: they're all crap. Every single one of them."
-Ty 'As Arrogant As Possible' Dauster of J Force Games in a now-private video
bcux u gay lol!!1
Catch-phrase from one of the Socom Squad forums. Posted in reply to someone asking (about a list I had made), "How is the end a step?" It quickly proliferated into the de-facto response to any stupid and obvious question.
eating brunch
Leaving? Nah, nobody leaves the Socom Squad; they just step outside for a while to enjoy a tasty Food. Became a word filter after the forum's members got into the habit of dramatically quitting the group for two days tops because I kept locking threads and deleting stupid posts.
tomato sandwich
What are these 'animations' you speak of? The Socom Squad's members are all terribly lazy and only capable of making delicious tomato sandwiches, to eat for brunch. This was a refinement of a word filter that replaced any mention of 'flash' with 'whip the tomatoes please'.
Portmanteau of 'Ian' and 'cancer', named after the Socom Squad's worst member. This person constantly posted inane jabber in any and every active thread for the sole purpose of increasing his post count. The other users' posts then decayed into similarly terrible jokes and forced memes because hey, why should this jackass who's not me get to be the top poster? Thus it spreads.
To Be Totally Extreme All The Time Forever
Beartato's New Year's resolution for 12009, which I subsequently adopted as my mission in life.


Sometimes, fundamental forces of the universe become the reason bad things start happening to you. If you're playing Sonic '06, physics will fuck you up. Here in reality, gravity's always making me drop stuff. Gravity even tried to kill me once by making me fall down a staircase.
White Football on Long
I once went to Subway when sleep-deprived, attempted to place my usual order of a footlong meatball on white, and spat out that intelligence instead. I then immediately realized how ridiculous it sounded and burst into laughter.
Almost as big as my penis.
A stock retort whipped out when discussing such unreasonably large objects as graphics cards, assault rifles, charity fundraisers, and houses.
Reptilian Space Illuminati (secretly controlling the Federal Reserve)
The type of conspiracy hypotheses which are so utterly incomprehensible, ridiculous, and far-reaching that, upon describing them, it will sound as if you had just made it up on the spot.
I am not a "big guy". I'm fucking enormous, and don't you EVER forget that. Thin may be in, but fat is where it's at!
Vely Intulesting
A deliberate mispronunciation of "very interesting". I don't remember where it came from, but I can't stop saying it.
..How dare you.
A hyperbolic reaction to any minor offense, from one of JonTron's videos.
Years of Practice
Stock answer for when someone asks how I'm able to do something, including eating more than they can.
(You) clever penis
A phrase that evolved from Frieza in DragonBall Z: Abridged shouting 'Clever dick!'
Well, shibbity jibbity, y'all
I'm not entirely sure what this means, but the best way I can describe it is as the inverse of 'heebie-jeebies'. Something's going on and it's about to get sexay? Shibbity jibbity~.

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