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About Bytemoth (2021-04-28)

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(Norn wizard waving a wand in a circle, leaving behind trails of light)
TL;DR: "30/M/Cali"


I am also not entirely comfortable around extroverts, centrists, and minors, but will not outright reject them.


With that out of the way, hello™. I am Digital Warlock Bytemoth, harnessing the powers of sourcerors more mighty, that I may craft this pocket dimension of internets to call my own. I seem to be some type of human male, and was unleashed upon western North America during the early days of HE 11991. I am generally a fan of 80's movies and music, 90's games and anime, and 00's web aesthetics.

I've never been officially diagnosed with any mental health disorders so I won't claim to have any, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if I had something. (Or maybe that's how the morning-person hypercapitalists who run society want me to feel.)

Why the name 'Bytemoth'? It represents a particular, peculiar fusion of digital and analog which I've strived- nah j/k, it was what I wanted to call my future indie game studio that I was totally going to create. I instead decided to start using it as a handle around late 2011. It was the shortest thing I thought of that was both hard to spell wrong, and didn't have any coherent results on search engines at the time.

(BORN to SURF the NET)


(Socio)Political Evolution

Prior to turning 18, I was an edgelord of the 'racism is over so I'm gonna say the n-word' variety. I'm not proud of that phase, but I won't pretend it didn't happen.

Later on, I believed some version of the just-world hypothesis, and briefly followed the YouTube atheist/skeptic community into its anti-SJW phase. Tumblr users sharing their lived experiences then contradicted the false worldview that had been woven in my mind, until I reexamined it and opted to try being less of a dick.

Thanks to the efforts of various Breadtubers (and the absurdity of the 45 supporters they react to), my stance has shifted from 'vaguely progressive' to 'non-practicing (mentally fatigued) Millenial Socialist™'.

(Republicans scare me)


I am completely non-spiritual, and believe that if 'souls' exist, they are a product of the mind, which is within the body, and equally incapable of surviving outside of it or after death.

Depending on whatever force you'd prefer to attribute it to, my religious beliefs fluctuate between pragmatic-agnostic (if god/s exist, it doesn't matter), apatheism (if god/s exist, I don't give a shit), and post-theism (it's all mythology).

A few years ago, I would have said that I believe in "a universe that doesn't care, and people who do". Now I'm hoping the second half still rings true.

(don't pray in our schools / and i won't think in your church)


I am highly introverted and asocial, to the point of being reclusive. Being friends with me directly is Not Easy, because I just straight up don't get lonely, rarely initiate conversations, and suck at keeping them going. But, put me in a group chat setting, and I'll happily chime in with whatever useful knowledge I can contribute on a given topic.

(alone but not lonely)

As far as I'm aware, I've never felt that strange emotion called love, so I'm unsure whether I'm a- (lacking attraction), an- (hostile to displays), or quoi- romantic.

But I am certain that I'm a(n)egosexual, meaning that while I'd never want to do anything with anyone IRL, I do get enjoyment out of Documented Experiences, especially ones involving fictional characters. More detailed specifics are available elsewhere.

(Curves are beautiful.)


I am a drug-free, non-gambling, anti-smoking teetotaler out here rawdogging reality. I used to drink a lot of soda, but decided to cut my sugar intake by switching to flavored mineral water. There are some who would say that I'm addicted to being online, to which I respond that I moved no fewer than 10 times before adulthood. The same WWW was available in spite of address changes and short-term friendships, and you're 'concerned' because Newgrounds feels more like a hometown to me than any physical location could? What did you expect would happen?

(Reality is the leading cause of stress.)

Assigned Sonas

furry-ass idiot
pastel potted plant that will yell when you least expect it
Bytemoth is a Large-Breasted Hyena Girl.
stoner radioactive cat demon
Bytemoth is a hyperactive Dragon who is 187cm in height. They have short, fluffy white hair and golden eyes. Their bust would fit a B cup. Their first encounter was with a thief who they charmed for goods.
#791 Solgaleo
I scored 61.54% for psychic/steel, and the legendary was the first result with that typing.
Assigned to me by DuckDuckGo after a search for 'bytemoth' returned a correction of 'behemoth'.
Chosen by me because Mothmon was too obvious, but this guy can digivolve to that form.
Sapon, kobold bard made of animated soap.
Popped into my head after I said 'soap-barred' out loud.
Unmotivated spider that sits in an unfinished web watching people who are too afraid/disturbed to approach.
I previously believed I was a Mage of Mind, but later inverted to my true alignment, Seer of Void.

(I <3 My GameCube)


I genuinely shiver in actual FEAR every time I mutter your unholy name
bytemoth is bytemoth
Ribbit Ribbit#0203
i think sometime in this server someone said bytemoth had 11 braincells
bytemoth finnagonna make us watch wendys training videos
"Sometimes I think Bytemoth can read my mind."
you know it's a good server because bytemoth is in the member list
bytemoth always comes in hot with the informative messages out of no where lol
Jack O'Mix
please think of bytemoth, who is likely observing right now
Rosek Night
I wish I was bytemoth cool
Bytemoth is god, but he lost his powers for some reason and falled on earth
Bytemoth I'm gonna fucking kill you
But yeah, Bytemoth is right
"Shout out to Bytemoth-"*smacks his headset* "Aw fuck."
gonna top you like i'm topping these pizzas

(I miss winter)

Other Info

(This user PISSED ON THE MOON, you idiot!)

Worst years: 2001-2002, 2019
Best years: 2006-2007, 2012, 2015

OTF 💞 Five Nights at Freddy's

Other fandoms: Half-Life, System Shock, ZZT, SCP Foundation, Digimon, 90s Retrocomputing

Enjoyed but non-fandomed: Cave Story, Iji, Knytt series, Commander Keen, Homestuck, Undertale/Deltarune, Warcraft, 90s-00s Nintendo games (Kirby, Metroid, Pokémon G1-3, SMB), PS1 games in general, boomer shooters, Outlanders, Sony Trinitron displays

Favorite genres: FPS*, platformer, RTS, (C/J)RPG
Disliked genres: Fighting, puzzle/pixelhunt, racing, simulation, sports, TBS
*excluding multiplayer-only DM/CTF/LMS games

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Digital Warlock Bytemoth is a fucking webmaster!


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