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Bytemoth NOW!

Last updated at exactly 2020-09-21 11:02:37 PM UTC

This is a Now page. Make one some time.

Hey Bytemoth, whatcha doin'?

Priority Zero: Daily Tasks

Staying informed
I am keeping up to date with (almost) everything posted by YouTube and VidLii channels I follow, as well as mutual followers on social media (Mastodon, Neocities, Discord).

Priority One: Weekly to Monthly

Making that cheddar
Taking surveys, watching ads, and using cashback and passive sites to earn gift cards because I like free shit.
Want some referral links?
Website Wednesdays
Every week or so, I publish the progress I've made on my sites - CD5K, Bytemoth's Brook, and the MothZone.
Current task: (Re)creating the rest of the Brook.

Priority Two: Occasional/On Hold

Plundering the Archive(.org)
In order for my website to have an authentic 1997 aesthetic, I am gathering GIFs and scripts from abandoned Geocities homepages.
Perusal progress: 320/951
Securing sysop status
I am (slowly) setting up an oldschool BBS, web forum, and Pleroma instance on some spare computer systems.
Current task: Reinstalling Windows 98.
Reading webcomics
Homestuck aside, I have not read webcomics since July 2015. Should probably get caught up and see if it provides any inspiration for my own stories.
Recently binged: Gene Catlow (RIP)

Priority Three: Serving Temporal Jailtime

Expanding the collection
I want to continue to collect games (physical and digital) and systems that interest me. Expensive, though. Instead, I'm currently picking up some old digital cameras for cheap. Used camera acquisition has been suspended in favor of reviewing soap bars for the duration of the pandemic.
Growing lemons
The erotic writing projects are currently taking lower priority, but the ideas for them are stacking up.
Hypothetical future lewdfic count: ≥240
(Not) making videos
I have the equipment to start doing reviews and gameplays, but finding time to record and edit is another issue.
Build More Computers
PC-5014 has served me well, and will continue to do so, but its AM3+ hardware is beginning to show its age. I'm waiting to see if DDR5 becoming available results in CPU socket changes before getting any parts, though.
Alternative Idea: Go full whyTFnaut and make a PC that multi-boots every generation of Windows.

But Bytemoth, what'd ya do today?

website counter people also feel like half an underachiever trying to do the work of two hypercompetent coffee-drinkers.