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As of 2016-01-21, this page is no longer being updated. It is only here for compatibility and archival purposes.


Chronological Order

[L] [C] Finished: Don't Know Jack with the-knight-shift
[L] [C] Dropped: (Untitled) with jeremy-fxtz
[L] [C] Finished: Dead of the Night with masklessdaywatch
[L] [C] Dropped: Graveyard Shift with askgoldenfazbear
[L] [C] Dropped: Possible Reactivation with animatronicgamegeek
[L] [C] Dropped: The Puppet's Sorrow with thepuppetoffreddies
[L] [C] Dropped: Special Delivery with forgottengoldenbonnie
[L] [C] Dropped: Lost Toys with thelostanimatronic
[L] [C] Dropped: Plastic Feathers with fnaf-clara-and-madi
[L] [C] Dropped: Tranquility with vehementlyxviolet
[L] [C] Dropped: Left Behind with dontlockusaway
[L] [C] Dropped: Operating Hazard with gentlesoulfoxy
[L] [C] Finished: Memories and Sorrow with animatronic-kitty
[L] [C] Finished: Luck Hurts with askthefreddyfazbearsowner
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: Owl New Friend with askthisfoxy
[L] [C] Dropped: Tooth and Talon with kidscove-plaything
[L] [C] Dropped: Tarnish and Rust with askgxldenduo
[L] [C] 28+ days ago: Very Lucky with scrapbookbonnie
[L] [C] Finished: April Fools with askthisfoxy
[L] [C] 4 days ago: Honest Work with not-an-enviable-shift
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: Better Memories with askthefreddyfazbearsowner
[L] [C] Dropped: Enter Confusion with securityguardsheatherandcarter
[L] [C] Finished: Insecurity with justasecurityguard
[L] [C] Dropped: Rainy Night with welcometofazbearpizzeria
[L] [C] My Turn: Spooks with billybogshank
[L] [C] Dropped: Tall Tales with nightguard-obsessive
[L] [C] Dropped: Warm Feet with gingernightguard
[L] [C] Dropped: Fraternization with theguardsoffreddys
[L] [C] Cobwebs: Summoned with justasecurityguard
[L] [C] Cobwebs: NSFW! Hot Water with justasecurityguard
[L] [C] Dropped: NSFW! Random Entry with gingernightguard
[L] [C] Dropped: NSFW! Morning After with gingernightguard
[L] [C] 28+ days ago: Cats and Cupcakes with thecupcxke
[L] [C] Cobwebs: Eight Lives with justasecurityguard
[L] [C] Dropped: Avenged with gingernightguard
[L] [C] Dropped: Love Potion with theguardsoffreddys
[L] [C] 5 days ago: NSFW! Changing Room with animatronic-kitty
[L] [C] Dropped: Late Night Kiss with gingernightguard
[L] [C] Dropped: Huge Dick with theguardsoffreddys
[L] [C] Dropped: NSFW! Janitor's Closet with theguardsoffreddys
[L] [C] Dropped: Dark Nights with mendicantbias32
[L] [C] Dropped: Scheduling Conflict with blorts-pizzeria
[L] [C] Dropped: NSFW! Red Hot Shower with gingernightguard
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: Plumage Patrol with billybogshank
[L] [C] Dropped: Guests and Guards with askthe7thnightguard
[L] [C] Dropped: Session Complete with nightguardlucy
[L] [C] Dropped: Complex God with nightguard-obsessive
[L] [C] My Turn: Tight Squeeze with workingatthenightshift
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: NSFW! Bubble Bath with workingatthenightshift
[L] [C] Dropped: Nightly Shenanigans with blitters-toxic-abyss
[L] [C] My Turn: NSFW! Demonic Heat with mechanized-nightguard
[L] [C] My Turn: NSFW! Dreamlike with workingatthenightshift
[L] [C] My Turn: NSFW! Behind the Scenes with mechanized-nightguard
[L] [C] 3 days ago: Altered Spaces with frizzynightshift
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: Nocturnal with cassie-the-night-guard-rp-blog
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: Litter with mendicantbias32
[L] [C] My Turn: Night Owl Shift with nightguard-in-a-hoodie
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: Fresh Nightguard with neko-wanderer
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: The Nest with billybogshank
[L] [C] 4 days ago: Test Subject with frizzynightshift
[L] [C] My Turn: Captivity with mechanized-nightguard
[L] [C] 7+ days ago: Tales and Feathers with askthisfoxy
[L] [C] 4 days ago: NSFW! Late Call with billybogshank
[L] [C] My Turn: Aftermath with nightguard-in-a-hoodie
[L] [C] My Turn: NSFW! Regular Maintenance with ahogeverse-rp
[L] [C] My Turn: NSFW! Reliving with mechanized-nightguard

Canonical Order

These events take place in addition to the backstory listed on the Timelines page. One-off RPs and short threads are not listed here.

First Game's Pizzeria

Toys' Pizzeria

Expanded Pizzeria

Toys' Pizzeria

Toys' Pizzeria

SPLINTER GROUP - Pizzeria Splinter
Toys' Pizzeria

Freddy's Family Pizzeria

First Game's Pizzeria

SPLINTER GROUP - Fright Splinter
Fazbear's Fright

Fazbear's Fright

Fazbear's Fright

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (Scrapbook)

Fazbear's Fright

Toys' Pizzeria

Undisclosed Location

SPLINTER GROUP - Scrapbook Splinter
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

Toys' Pizzeria

Fazbear's Fright


Other Stuff

Art (#SCart)

Doomed Timelines (#obsolete)

Here's some unused starters, left over from the development of this blog. Presented in order of writing:

The Possession Rewrite was when I thought of Jack having a shapeshifting demon for blood. In the early phases of that rewrite, things were a bit weird and inconsistent.

The Bloodbeak Rewrite reduced this blog from eight muses to three, which got rid of two additional time travelers, replacements for Withered Chica and Bonnie, and the hemospecter as a seperate muse from Jack.

The Timeline Rewrite seperated the blog into five sub-AUs. Prior to it, every RP took place in the delta timeline. The number of auxiliary muses shot up after the FNAF3 teaser trailer was released. This necessitated the Reduction Rewrite, which rearranged the primary muses, and dropped the secondaries from 8 to 2. After that point, I had been here long enough for threads to start being dropped for continuity reasons. (There was also the Flipside Rewrite, which added six more AUs, but that didn't really affect anything because they were soon after combined into the Eta timeline by the Ultimate Rewrite.)