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It's The Flock was a non-selective, non-exclusive, multi-muse OC RP blog run by Bytemoth, that was active from 2014-12-11 to 2017-08-31. It has run its course, but I also operate PizzaFxiends, an RP blog for the night guards and animatronics of FNAF, FNAC, and Popgoes.

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  1. Take your time, because I will.
    I only use Tumblr on desktop. I'm also a slow writer, and sometimes lack the motivation or time required to do so. For me, quality is far more important than speed. Thus, if you think it sucks, don't post it; I have other things to write while I'm waiting to hear back from you. This is for fun. Real life comes first.
  2. Give me more than a sentence.
    While I don't expect my length to always be matched, I would like some effort to be put into your writing and characterization. Don't let me be the wordier half of the thread by too wide of a margin, as I still need a decent amount to bounce off of.
  3. Mun and muses are of age.
    I'm quite open to shipping and smut (but only with other adults, of course). If you're interested in exploring a romantic or sexual relationship with our muses, chances are that so am I.
  4. Don't godmode or control my muses.
    Everyone has limits; abilities, reflexes, knowledge.. If your muse isn't a god, they shouldn't have the powers of one. If your muse isn't a telepath, they shouldn't react to thoughts. Also, you play your roles, and I shall play mine. Do not decide how my characters react to or think of something; that's my task.
  5. If you get confused, ask me.
    This AU of mine is very complex, and very confusing because of it. If you're not clear on something, I would be more than happy to write up a few paragraphs of explanation. Similarly, if there's something about my muses you want to know, I'm willing to discuss it and develop headcanons.
  6. Your people will always be 'them'.
    I have so many muses. For consistency's sake, any he, she, him, or her refers only to my characters. Thus, your muse(s), outside of dialogue, will be referred to as they/them. The exception is the gods; author avatars that act in the first person, using I/we.
  7. Reblog Karma does apply to you.
    I do my best to always send prompts to my mutual followers. But, please do not reblog ask memes from me without sending anything in. While I'm aware that it isn't your intention, that still feels as if you're implying that helping you develop your characters would be a better use of my time than working on my own.

Also, this isn't strictly a rule, but I've discovered I'm not very good at certain kinds of threads. Ones that are super fluffy, and ones basically consisting of an on-duty night guard meeting some of my muses. Those aren't strictly banned, per se, but I will attempt to avoid them from now on.

I generally reply to threads in the order that they appear on my activity feed. It might take me a while to get back to you, but I do want to. I adore all of these characters and how they interact.

Having grown completely sick of angst, I will not be accepting RPs that involve any form of abduction or torture. Also, if you put "(closed with itstheflock)" in the title, I'm gonna double kick ur ass.

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Broken Minds (FNAF 1/2/3)

AU Overview
A brief introduction to Broken Minds.
How exactly this blog is organized.
The tons of stories that have been and are being told here.
Timelines *
(Incomplete) Events arranged as each muse saw them unfold.
The (Old) Roost
The layout of the blog's original future arcade-and-diners.
The Session
About the bit of Homestuck mixed in with all this FNAF.


"Beta" Muses (Flirty Socialites)
Ascended Jack (the Rogue of Life, the backup puppet, the blonde)
Olivia Cathode and Oliver Bloodbeak (the pirate osprey)
"Gamma" Muses (Reserved Bookworms)
Haunted Jack (Jack Snipe, Toy Jack, Jerdon, Theodore)
Cotton the Cat, Josephine the Lorikeet, Cotton the Chipmunk
Alicia Josephine (the bookworm, the ginger)
"Delta" Muses (Soft Cuddlers)
Possessed Jack (Jack of Hugs, Bloodbeak, the story time owl, the cyborg)
The Hemospecter (Epimetheus, Noctis, Inky, Aura, the shadow owl, the demon)
Jandaya (the cyborg parakeet) and Jardine (the shadow parrot)
Splotch the Story Owl
Tertiary Muses (Roost Robotics)
The Chowtime Showbirds (Chow Sho, Rick, Charlotte, Hoppy Harris, Felix)
The Hatchlings/Ghost Kids (Jeffrey, Alex, Rachel, Carla, Sammy)
Phillip Glass, Glass the Gecko, Phillip the Porcupine
Everyone Else (Ultra-Rare)
Prize the Puppet
The Gods (SC/DM/NO/OH/IS/AD)
All canon animatronics
Anthro/Android: Alice Jones and Jack Sharp
Mythology: Night Owl's Party
Reverse: Canon guards and OC gods
Science: Mutants and nightmares
Scripted: Goldwing