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I'm the creator of Cybernetic Demise 5000, which primarily exists to host my projects. This, here, is something of a companion site to my Highly Saucy Directory. However, while that place is a repository of my older works, the Perfectly Cooked Pages will be about any newer (non-fiction) stuff I've made. It essentially serves as an HTML duplicate of my Gopher hole.

The easiest way to get into contact with me is to send me a message on Tumblr, either via IM or ask. If you would prefer email, I can be reached at [REMOVED], but the message will be seen sooner if it's sent to my blog.

Anyway, what's here? The HSD currently features lists of my favorite things, and archives of my prior works. But, it was originally going to have a section with more current offerings; tech talk, rants, musings on web design, and some online video-related things. I decided to put those here, instead. The other website is very much historical; a one-and-done sort of affair. But, the PCP is full of fresh and tasty things for your mind to gawk at.

You will need JavaScript enabled to view most of these subpages. In order to make things a bit easier on myself, I convert the gophermaps into Markdown, which is then rendered into HTML by a script.

 Lamentation Exiting Aggravated Pedants

What?! There are many lamentations, and only one pedant! We're already off to a "great" start. Anyway, welcome to the obligatory personal rant section, where I verbally flatulate about not understanding people and why they all have to try my patience by being different from me.

 Technology and Gaming

 Thoughts on Web Design


 Fellow Netizens

Of course, what would a homepage be, without links to some other Neocities dwellers I find neat?

If that's just not enough stuff to look at for you, I have a page loaded with links over in the Highly Saucy Directory. Check out over 120 more websites and programs I very much enjoy: Get linked on, son.

Adopted Lunar Dragon - art by Meghan Dombrowski.

This is Art. A new friend of mine, who guards my pages. I found him in an old, collapsed cave system where he'd been staying with a few other survivors. He asked to come with me, so why not? I've always wanted a fluffy pal to stargaze with.

But his friends are still back there. See if you can find a place for one of them, hm? They don't need much; just a caring home where they'll be appreciated.

Night Owl's Cool Site Award

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