Cybernetic Demise 5000 (2016 Archive)

I'm Digital Warlock Bytemoth, also known elsewhere as LollerCupcake and Sysop Cupcake, and this is a place where I do things online. Hosted here are a fiction project I've been working on for the past six years, a Linux box with Gopher hosting, and my homepages. Yep, I'm so big of a nerd, I have two.

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Things Available Here
Ultraverse Archive
All my fiction in one place.
Highly Saucy Directory
Older, unrelated works I once made.
Perfectly Cooked Pages
My little corner of the web.
Digital Burrows
The newest stuff, in older formats.
Update Blog
Info, highlights, and developments.
Admin Blog
Stuff I like, questions I answer.

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