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Zero-Bullshit Web Browsing (2020-08-01)

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[Listen]Listen to "Ace of Base - The Sign" on YouTube?

The current state of the web? Total bullshit. If you're tired of dealing with stupid ads, tracking, ads with sound, scripts that make the page lag, and ads that deliver viruses, I'll offer a few tips on avoiding them.


If you're still using IE or Chrome, I would say don't. Here's a couple of alternatives you might like.

[Pale Moon]

On the Gecko side of things, I recommend Pale Moon. It's nicely optimized, retains the customization that Firefox threw out six years ago, and is made by a small non-corporate dev team.


For WebKit enthusiasts, why not give Vivaldi a try? Being the spiritual successor to the classic Opera browser, it gives you some nice options to play with.


uBlock Origin: Pale Moon | Vivaldi
Very efficient content blocker. Go into the settings, turn on some of the filter lists, and marvel at how much faster the Web gets. However, the Legacy edition currently does not have script blocking capability.
NoScript 5.1.9 for Pale Moon
This switches JS into an opt-in experience. The browser will try to spout some nonsense about this extension causing stability problems, but tell it to shut its fuck and use it anyway.
Decentraleyes: Pale Moon | Vivaldi
Loads common libraries (jQuery etc.) from disk instead of a centralized source that could potentially track usage.
Anti-autoplay: Pale Moon | Vivaldi
Videos don't need to be sounding off unless you click on them.
Night Mode: Pale Moon | Vivaldi
Lots of websites confuse LCD screens for paper and attempt to sear your retinas with a blinding fluorescent white. It's an easy mistake to make, but one that you don't need to suffer from any longer.
Pure URLs: Pale Moon | (Vivaldi equivalent unknown)
Lastly, here's something to strip any links you click on of referral and other metrics/tracking junk.
RSS Reader: Pale Moon | Vivaldi
Fuck an algorithmic social media feed - curate your own!
Archiver: Pale Moon | Vivaldi
Like webpages but hate when you go to visit them again only to find they've disappeared? CTRL plus S, quick MAFFs.



Decade-old search engine that doesn't provide any personalized results.
Surveillance-avoiding metasearch that uses 70+ sources via 20+ instances.


Lightweight frontend for YouTube with dark mode and other great features.
WebTorrent-based distributed video sharing service on the Fediverse.


Lightweight frontend for Twitter to get rid of the bloat and tracking.
Distributed social network with moderators who actually do shit.


One of the top real-time AVs that you can get for free.
Powerful on-demand virus scanner and remover.
A small program to harden Windows's built-in firewall.
Destroy Windows Spying
Gets rid of the telemetry and tracking baked into the operating system.
TorGuard (H/T VPN Tier List)
According to independent reviewer Tom Spark, this is the #1 VPN on the market (out of 60+ tested), and that works for me. Use promo code TomSpark for 50% off for life.
Avoid any further fuckery by throwing the browser into quarantine.